Urdd National Swimming Gala


The School had considerable success in the Urdd National Swimming Gala in Cardiff International Pool end of January. The atmosphere was electric and more than a thousand people watching the races. There were 20 swimmers representing the school. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the relays and the organizers were forced to put more seats on the poolside, as so many want to see these races. The school won 4 relay races along with several individual medals.

Individual Races
Girls Yr. 5 a 6 Jessica Parry: 1st - 100 Individual Medley, 1st - 50m Backstroke Lisa Morgan: 3rd - 50m Breaststroke, 3rd - 50m Butterfly
Girls Yr. 3 a 4 Emily Parry: 3rd - 25m Freestyle
Boys Yr. 3 a 4 Hywyn Jones: 3rd - 25m Breaststroke.

Relay Girls
Yr. 5 a 6, Seren Gross, Madlen Jones, Lisa Morgan, Jessica Parry: 1st – Medley Relay, 1st – Freestyle.
Boys Yr. 3 a 4, Ifan Owen, Hywyn Jones, Caleb Dwyfor-Clark, Sion Williams: 1st – Medley, 1st – Freestyle.

The Full squad were:

Emily Parry, Ifan Sion, Hywyn Jones, Lisa Morgan, Ifan Owen, Twm Owen, Jessica Parry, Caleb Dwyfor-Clark, Sion Williams, Sali Davies, Anest Lewis, Erin Kendrick, Rhys Jones, Math Jones, Siren Gross, Malden Jones, Tomos Roberts, Hollie Owen, Elain Gordon-Clark, Ieuan Jones, Cian Gordon-Clark

Congratulations to all the swimmers and thanks to all the parents and families who came to support.

Urdd Regional Netball competition

The school netball team competed in the Urdd Regional Competition on Wednesday January 19 at the Centre for Brailsford, Maes Glas, Bangor. Some games were very competitive with children the Garnedd playing very well - Well done.

Welsh Water

It was a pleasure to welcome Mrs Arfona Evans (former student in Years 1 and 2 many years ago) who now works with Welsh Water to the school. She showed and discussed how much water we use when brushing teeth whilst keeping the tap running. She also held interesting activities with Yr. 2 children and showed them how many liters of water are used in a shower, bath and flushing toilet. The Green Group held activities in learning about water circuit and the journey through the pipes to our homes. Thank you Arfona.

Red, White and Green Day


The school held a red, white and green day to celebrate St Dwynwen's Day. The pupils from the youngest to the oldest rocked to welsh bands YWS Gwynedd, Bryn Fon, Candelas and Bandana. A day to remember




Garnedd pupils extend their hands across the sea


We collected 83 Christmas Boxes this year. The boxes will travel all the way to Romania and reaching children and young people this Christmas.
Thanks to the School Council for ensuring that the school supports such an important charity again this year and thanks to all who supported by bringing boxes full of goods.





Urdd Swimming Gala

Everyone had an enjoyable day at the swimming pool. Thanks to everyone who entered and tried their best for the school and also thanks to all the volunteers for training and support.
Congratulations to the winning swimmers, who will represent Eryri in the National Swimming Gala in Cardiff in January.

Emily Parry Freestyle, Girls Yrs 3 & 4
Ifan Sion Freestyle, Boys Yrs 5 & 6
Hywyn Jones Breaststroke, Boys Yrs 3 & 4
Lisa Morgan Breaststroke, Girls Yrs 5 & 6
Ifan Owen Backstroke, Boys Yrs 3 & 4
Emily Parry Backstroke, Girls Yrs 3 & 4
Twm Owen Backstoke, Boys Yrs 5 & 6
Jessica Parry Backstroke, Girls Yrs 5 & 6
Ifan Owen Butterfly, Boys Yrs 3 & 4
Lisa Morgan Butterfly, Girls Yrs 5 & 6
Twm Owen Individual Medley Boys, Yrs 5 & 6
Jessica Parry Individual Medley Girls Yrs 5 & 6
Freestyle Relay Boys, Yrs 3 & 4
Freestyle Relay Girls Yrs 3 & 4
Freestyle Relay Boys, Yrs 5 & 6
Freestyle Relay Girls Yrs 5 & 6
Medley Relay Boys, Yrs 3 & 4
Medley Relay Girls Yrs 3 &
Medley Relay Boys Yrs 5 & 6
Medley Relay Girls Yrs 5 & 6
Mixed Relay, Yrs 3 & 4


Children in Need


Thanks to the School Council for organising that we as a school remember about this very important charity - Children in Need.
Most of the children and staff came to school in their pyjamas. In the afternoon it was very quiet in the Junior Classes – not a sound was heard! Everybody had to be quiet for at least an hour! This was very difficult for some!!!
Thanks to everyone for supporting Children in Need. We collected £ 340.85 - great!





New Play Equipment


Some new play equipment has arrived at school! Thanks to the PTA, grants from the Pentir Community Council and Horizon for financing new equipment.

Click here to see more photos





Park Vaynol


One autumnal morning children from reception class went for a walk to Faenol Park. We had the opportunity to play in the trees, count the leaves and sing. It was nice to see the children enjoying nature together. We look forward to return at Easter Term.







There was a special Thanksgiving service at Capel Berea Newydd. The whole school (300 of us) walked along Penrhosgarnedd to the Chapel. The sun was shining and the children behaved excellent along the way.

Everyone had a chance to go sing in the “set fawr” (front of the Chapel) and the singing echoed through the hall. We had a story by Reverend Elwyn Richards remind everyone to share.

Thank you for a service to remember and for the welcome at Capel Berea Newydd.




Green Group


The Green Group has been established and have held their first meeting. The Group hopes to be as successful as 2015/16 and fulfill the requirements of Gwynedd Healthy Schools



School Council


The new school council has been established for the new school year. The new members were elected by the school's pupils. The first meeting has been held and 2015/16 successes were discussed and targets set for 2016/17.



New children

grwp gwyrdd baner gwyrdd

By now everyone has settled into their new classes. We are extending a special welcome to the new pupils in the Nursery and Reception Class. Welcome to Ysgol y Garnedd happy family.



Welcome to the new staff.

The school has had 2 new staff starting in September - Mrs Sioned Roberts and Miss Claire Roberts. Warm Welcome to them both.

Eisteddfod Gadeiriol


We had a memorable Eisteddfod again this year. Catrin Edwards was successful after writing an Adventure Story. Meilyr Lynch was second and Matilda Boyle came third. Morgan Goulding was praised for writing the funniest story. It was good to welcome Mr Elfed Williams back to the school, as the judge this year. He received a warm welcome from the children when he walked into the hall. Many thanks also to Reverend Huw John Hughes for being the ceremony’s archdruid. We had a group of children from Year 2 performing the flower dance and they were worth seeing. This is a great tradition at the school which is enjoyed year on year.


Girls Football Team year 5 & 6


On Wednesday April 13th, the girls football team went to Porthmadog to take part in a football tournament for Eryr primary Schools. The team played well in Porthmadog, having competative games against Maesincale, Llanrug, Tramadog and Rhostryfan. Before this tournament the girls went to Bod Alaw School in Colwyn Bay to play a friendly games against them.



Boys football, year 5 & 6


On Monday, 18th April, year 5 & 6 boys football team went to Porthmadog to take parti n a football tournament for Eryri primary school. As with the girls team, the boys played very well in Porthmadog and played against Llanaelhaearn, Llanrug and Deiniolen. Before the competition in Porthmadog, the team had the opportunity to play a friendly game againt Nant y Coed a’r Maelgwyn (Llandudno Junction).


Cross Country – Penrhyn Castle

A few of the pupils from year 5 & 6 were given the opportunity to compete, for the first time, in a Cross Country Race in Penrhyn Castle. Congratulation to everyone that took part. Here are the winners :

Girls Yr 5 – Ffion Davies - 1st, Lisa Morgan – 2nd.
Girls Yr 6 – Gwawr Davies – 1st, Freya Evans – 2nd.
Boys Yr 5 – Twm Owen – 1st, Math Jones – 2nd, Ifan Sion – 3rd .
Boys Yr 6 – Wil La Trobe-Roberts – 1st , Joshua Pritchard – 3rd .



Congratulations to the Rugby team following their recent success at the Urdd’s Rugby Tourament. The will now complete in the National heats on 8th May. Good luck to them.




Cross Country – Vaynol Park

Some of the pupils from years 3 & 4 recent completed in the Urdd’s Cross County rac ein Vaynol Park. Many thanks to thoes who attended and did their very best – it was quiet a feat. Contratulations to Huw Williams, Year 3 on coming first .

Book Quiz


Many congratulations to the Book Quiz Team for coming second throughout Gwynedd in the competition. Well done to Carys, Cian, Evie & Gwenno who did very well thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Netball Team


On Monday, 7th March, a Group of grils from Yr 5 & 6 went to the Braqilsford Centre to compete in a netball competition. A few school s took part and these are the results :

Faenol 4 - 0 Dolbadarn,
Faenol 3 – 0 Glancegin,
Garnedd 1 – 0 Glancegin,
Dolbadarn 0 – 4 Garnedd
Faenol 2 – 2 Garnedd,
Dolbadarn 1 – 1 Glancegin
Faenol 3 - 2 Garnedd

Thanks to Mrs Farrell-Jones for training us.

Eluned ,Freya a Matilda
(members of the Netball Team )

Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2016
Congratulation to the pupils who were successful in the Bangor & District Eisteddfod recently. Here are the results - click here

Good luck to everyone at the National Eisteddfod in Flint in May, and many thanks to the teachers and parents for their continued support.

Tag Show and Jamboree
On Monday January 18th years 5 and 6 were invited to Tag S4C, to sing in a Jamboree and attend a workshop with Wales’ Children’s poet. This special event was held in Caernarfon Tennis Centre to promote the Welsh language. Nearly 2000 pupils attend from various schools in Gwynedd and everyone enjoyed the day. Thanks to S4C for the invitation.

Urdd Swimming Gala

grwp gwyrdd baner gwyrdd

Congratulations to the swimmers who competed in the Urdd National Gala in Cardiff on Saturday 23rd January. The standard was very high with all swimmers from Y Garnedd performing great - Well done. Twm Owen (backstroke), Jessica Parry (freestyle) and Josh Pritchard, Twm Owen, Ifan Sion, Rhys Meurig (freestyle relay) came second in Wales. A big thank you to the coaches who coached the children and the parents for bringing the children down to Cardiff for the weekend.

Swimmers were:

Josh Pritchard
Rhys Meurig Jones
Twm Owen
Ben Davies
Wil La Trobe-Roberts
Ifan Siôn
Seren Gross
Jessica Parry
Lisa Morgan
Llio Mutembo
Madlen Jones
Gwawr Davies
Cian Gordon-Clark

Brewery Fields
On a sunny morning in January the Reception Class went for a walk to Brewery Fields. Everyone wore their wellies and was wrapped like onions!!
We had the opportunity to marvel at the natural world by looking for birds and listening to the sound of the small birds. We were impressed with the pattern our wellies left in the mud. We are lucky that Brewery Fields are so close to the school.

Santes Dwynwen



There was a lot of fun on January 25th to celebrate St Dwynwen's Day. Everyone came to school dressed in red or pink colors and we had an afternoon of fun dancing and enjoying music Welsh.








Twelve children recently went to Caernarfon Leisure Centre to compete in the Urdd Regional Gymnastics Competition. Congratulations to all for a great performance. First prize went to Ifan Owen and Alys Banham (individual); second to Guto and Ifan (pair); and the full team came second (12 children) and third to Alys Banham, Loti Marshall and Matilda Boyle (trio).

Gymnastic Team were:

Sioned Thomas
Elin Mair Williams
Loti Marshall
Matilda Boyle
Wil La Trobe-Roberts
Guto Elis
Ifan Owen
Esme La Trobe-Roberts
Carys Clement-Evans
Tesni Owen
Chloe Smith
Alys Banham

Following on from this success, on the 10th February the gymnastics team went to the National Gymnastics competition in Aberystwyth. Ifan Owen and Alys Banham performed in the individual gymnastics sequence to a very high standard. In addition to the individual gymnastics the group also competed and performed brilliantly. Well done children. Thanks to Mr Gwyn Owen and Mrs Esther Owen for training the pupils for the competition.




The school netball team competed in the Urdd competition on Wednesday January 13 at the Leisure Centre in Caernarfon. The games were very competitive with children from Y Garnedd playing very well - Well done.





Real owls from Conwy came to Years 1 and 2 in early January. The children loved it because they learnt a lot about the owls. We were able to ask questions and look at them carefully.

PC Pritchard - Year 1 and 2
P.C. Dylan Pritchard came to the school once again to talk to us about rules, to make sure we understand what the rules are and why they need rules. The children learned about what is right and wrong, e.g. - The need to be friendly with friends, and not to climb a fence. We learn all the time in his company.

My Visit to Techniquest
On Thursday, 28th January, Year 3 and 4 went to Techniquest, Wrexham to learn about the senses and the body.

After quite a long bus journey, we arrived at Techniquest. We were divided into five groups as there were five activities. We had a discussion about what the body could do, then a discussion about what was bad for your teeth and we were given the chance to put the organs back in place. We then listened to our heartbeat, and lastly learnt what the tendon did.

After lunch we went to the theater room to learn more about the senses. The instructor, David, taught us more about the body and Morgan and Hari had to run around and get to see what their heartbeat was, luckily they were the same! After this there were three activities, where you were able to see parts of your body closer and also trying to see where every bone and finally to use your senses board (that one was my favorite). Then we went to the last play room. In this room there was a maze of mirrors (it was quite difficult to get through the maze); the maze led you to a dark room. There was a camera which took pictures of you shadow. During the journey home, I thought about my special day and the fun we had learning.

Cian Year 4

Frân Wen
We had a lot of fun watching the ‘Dilyn Fi’ show by the Frân Wen Company. It was nice to have a show that was designed for children from the Nursery and Reception classes. They managed to captivate us and the faces of children were full of fascination looking at the performance. We had a lot of fun mimicking all the jungle animals when we went back to class.




Mrs Gwenda Williams from the Archives came to Yr Bl. 1 and 2 to teach us about toys long ago. She had a lot of interesting toys. We heard the sound of pop gun making a big bang. Long ago the girls wore an apron and bonnet to go to school and the boys wore a cap and shirt and waistcoat to go to school. We saw a circle and a stick that had been made out of metal. Also, lemonade bottles had marbles and some would break the bottle in order to get the marble.

Bedwyr Williams, Year 2


Urdd After School Club
The Urdd Club has met every Thursday afternoon for a few weeks. The children have had a wealth of fun experiences such as bingo, quiz, disco dancing and folk dancing

Sblish, Splash - Urdd Swimming Gala
A very special day was had at the swimming pool. Thanks to everyone who entered and did their best for the school.
There will be a very lucky group representing Eryri in Cardiff in January. These are the successful swimmers :
Cian Gordon Clark 25m Butterfly
Tom Owen 50m Freestyle
Lisa Morgan 50m Breaststroke
Josh Pritchard 50m Breaststroke
Jessica Parry Backstroke 50m
Tom Owen Backstroke 50m
Rhys Meurig Butterfly
Girls Freestyle Relay 5/6
Boys Freestyle Relay 5/6
Girls 5/5 Mixed Relay
Boys 5/6 Mixed Relay
Mixed Relay race mixed 5/6

Full results are available on the Urdd Website.

Children in Need



This year the pupils had a crazy hair day and non-uniform day in aid of children I Need.. Everyone had colourful or wild hair. The children also coloured pictures of Pudsey and had to keep quiet for a long period. The school collected £ 377.99 for Children in Need.





On Wednesday 18th and 19th of November the Junior Class went on a trip to The Dangerpoint to learn how to stay safe in the home, at the seaside, in floods, in the garden and with fire. First we had to do a quiz to see how much we already knew. After that we were put into three groups so that we all went into different areas. I learnt not to trespass on railway track or you will be penalized with a fine of £1,000. Also I learnt how to stay safe at the seaside. Our group leader said that we should never go boating without a life jacket, not to put your foot on a surfboard leash because if a big wave hit it is easier to escape if the leash is around your wrist, also do not make tunnels in sand dunes because once the sand dunes dry they can collapse. I had a lot of fun in the room there but then everyone went back to the room where we had to redo the first quiz to see if we had improved. After taking the quiz for the second time we had a score of 87%, we only scored 35% was our first try.

Author’s Travels



On Tuesday, November 25 Meleri Wyn James, author of the hugely popular Na, Nell! Came to the school to hold a workshop with pupils from Years 3 and 4. This is a campaign by the Books Council to encourage children to take an interest in books. The pupils form year 3 & 4 certainly enjoyed the presentation. Who knows, maybe there will be a future author who has been prompted to write! Thank you Meleri Wyn Jones for a great morning.


Garnedd pupils extend their hands across the sea



We collected 80 Christmas boxes this year. All the boxes are traveling to Romania to reach children and young people this Christmas.

Thanks to the School Council for ensuring that the school supports such an important charity again this year




During September Miss Thomas (Year 5 & 6) gave birth to a baby boy, Tomos James. A new little brother to Sian and Leon. Congratulations to Miss Thomas and Darren and we wish them well as a family.

We had a Thanksgiving service at school. Everyone had the opportunity to sing on stage and we welcomed Reverend Elwyn Richards to school for the first time. We were not able to go to Berea Chapel due the wet weather. We hope to take the children to Capel Berea during the year. Thanks to everyone for learning their part.

Shwmae Sumae!
Shwmae Day was celebrated again this year. Everyone learned at school rap which was written by Esyllt Bryn Jones. This will rapped in the school forever!
There was a clip on the Welsh Programme ‘Heno’ and was also broadcast on Dylan Jones’ radio programme.

Parc y Faenol

Parc y Faenol

The reception class went on the bus to Parc y Faenol.

There was great excitement when they left school and got on the bus. We had a long walk along a path with our friends and noticed the leaves of the trees in all their splendor! We were busy singing about leaves and making shapes with the twigs.

We look forward to returning in the Easter Term.

For more photos - click here

Visit by New Baby
Thanks to Miss Stacey come along to the school with her baby Hari Wyn. The Reception Class had the opportunity to ask questions about how to care for him. The children were amazed at how little the baby could do. We had fun in thinking that Mr. Williams has been a baby once!

On a sunny day October Year 1 and 2 went on a trip to Coed y Glyn! We found a note from Cerwyn asking us to search for the missing cap. While we walked through the leaves, over bridges and tree roots we didn’t see his green cap anywhere! We had a picnic in the sun and a chance to look for ivy, ferns and twigs. It was a trip and a half and everyone has learned about the world around them.

Green Cross Code
Shirley Williams came to teach Year 1 and 2 how to cross the road carefully and we had some stories and games. We also had a visit from Carys Ofalus who came over to say hello.

On your bike!
Year 6 had a road safety lessons on cycling. Everyone came to school with their bike and helmet. Everybody was concerned that the roads are busy and and safe riding skills are essential.

Llynnon Mill and Porth Swtan

Porth Swtan

On October 9th 2015, Year 5 & 6 went to Porth Swtan and Melin Llynnon. Firstly, we went to Porth Swtan, which is a small beach with an old cottage named Swtan standing on it. Miss Rigby gave us a talk about the area then we all walked to the building next door to the cottage. There, we had a quiz and watch a video telling how life was in Swtan. After that, we went into the cottage itself. Miss Rigby toasted some bread on the fire for us to eat. It was very tasty. We had to walk around and we went to see the garden. Then we went over the road to The Lobster Pot café which sold delicious seafood. We were allowed to see the lobster and crab. One of lobster was over 50 years old and is worth £100! We were allowed to touch the lobster, even though they smelled. There was lobster babies, and lobster in blue!



Melin Llynnon

Finally we went to Llynnon Mill - the only working windmill in Wales. Lloyd, the miller met us and talked about the mill. We then went into the mill and tried the machinery. It was very hard work. We then went down to the Celtic houses. They are quite large. There was a large fire there which made everyone feel hot. Lloyd told us about the life of the Celts I learned a lot of new things. The trip was very good.

By Catherine Lois Edwards Bl. 6

For more photos - click here



Tidy Towns

Trefi Taclus

The Gregory Brothers came to visit us at Ysgol y Garnedd. They taught us not to throw rubbish on the floor by singing fun songs. Each class time to go over the songs and it is clear that everyone remembered the words because people are still singing them. Also in the show there were funny characters such as Eli Eco a Ted Taclus, who work hard to keep the world clean. There were two other puppets in show who danced to the songs, jumping up and down, disco dancing and acting like monkeys! They made the children from Nursery and Reception class laugh out loud with their antics. In one of the songs the Gregory Brothers chose Kai John from year 5 and Elin from year 4. They dressed in caps the wrong way round and had to dance to the rap. Mr Griffiths also came up to dance, followed Mrs Farrell-Jones. They had to spin on their bottoms and do hip hop moves and to be honest they were very cool! After finishing the rap Kai and Elin were given white rulers, small recycling bin with a lid portable sharpener in. The teachers did not have anything but approval from the happy audience. The Gregory Brothers taught us that many things such as plastic, foil, cardboard and paper will go to different bins and if you are not close to the bin do not throw rubbish on the floor, take it home with you and then put the rubbish in the bin at home. The show was funny and interesting. Thanks to all those who had helped create the show and of course the actors namely Eli Eco, Ted Taclus, The Gregory Brothers and puppets.
Llio Cholwe Mutembo Year 5.

On October 1 we were visited by Techniquest. Year 3 and 4 had fun while learning about the body. Here are some of the activities.
Timer to see how strong your arms, recognize the body's bones, muscles and learn to see how much sugar is in different foods.
The experience is valuable and helps us with the theme for the term.

Paul and Gethin Year 3 and 4

Green Group

grwp gwyrdd baner gwyrdd

Before the summer holidays did school received the Eco Schools Green Flag. Thanks to the green group for their hard work in achieving the requirements for this prestigious award.

One of our successes for 2014/15 was to achieve the Gwynedd Healthy Schools - Step 4. Well done for your hard work and thanks to everyone who supported the campaign.



School Council

cyngor ysgol

The new school council has been established for the new school year. The new members were elected by the school's pupils. The first meeting has been held and 2014/15 successes were discussed and targets set for 2015/16.




New children

plant plant

Everyone has now settled into their new classes. We extend a special welcome to the new children in Nursery and Reception class. Welcome to the happy family at Ysgol y Garnedd.




Yrs 5 and 6 to went on an Educational Visit to Wylfa recently. They attended a science workshop on sound. They received a lot of information on how sound is created and travels to the ear.

McMillan Coffee Afternoon
On Friday September 25th the school hosted a coffee and cake afternoon in the school hall in aid of McMillan. Many thanks to everyone who contributed cake or biscuits and all those who came to support. A total of £288.28 was collected for the cause.

Duck Race
The annual duck race was held by the PTA on Saturday 19th September. A number of parents and children came to see over 200 plastic ducks dropped into the river ready for the race. Thanks to everyone who supported and congratulations to Megan Gill, Meithrin - first, Matthew Owen, Yr. 4 - 2nd and Caleb Melville, Meithrin - 3rd.

New Rugby Shirts

crys rygbi


The school rugby team has had new shirts this year. Thanks to Stermat for sponsoring the shirts. The squad has had a busy start with training before the team is selected to represent the school. Thanks to Mr. Hywel Rhys for the weekly training sessions.



Eisteddfod Yr Urdd
Congratulations to all the pupils who took part  in the Eisteddfodd at Caerphily.  The school came second with the Dramatic Presentation.  Many thanks  to the teachers who trained them and to the parents for their support.

Urdd Athletics.

Many of the pupils competed in the Urdd’s Athlectic competitions recently.  Below are the results.  Well done!




Twm Owen

Boys Long Jump Yr .3/4


Elis Rheinallt

Boys Long Jump Yr.5/6


Boys Yr. 3/4

Boys Relay Yr.3/4


Girls Yr.3/4

Girls Relay Yr.3/4


Girls Yr.5/6

Girls Relay Yr.5/6


Elis Rheinallt

Boys Race Yr.5/6 100m


Coby Wyn Jones

Boys Race Yr.5/6 100m


Twm Wyn Owen

Boys Race Yr.3/4 75m


Sky Warrington Figuerido

Girls Race Yr.5/6 100m


Lisa Morgan

Girls Race Yr.3/4 75m


Math Llywelyn Jones

Boys Javelin Yr. 3/4


Ifan Sion

Ball Throwing Boys Yr.3/4


Seren Mai Owen

Ball Throwing Girls Yr.5/6


Many went on to compete in the Urdd’s  County Athletics Competition  and were successful once again. 




Elis Rheinallt

Boys Long Jump Yr.5/6


Boys Yr. 3/4

Boys Relay Yr.3/4


Girls Yr.3/4

Girls Relay Yr.3/4


Girls Yr.5/6

Girls Relay Yr.5/6


Elis Rheinallt

Boys Race Yr.5/6 100m


Twm Wyn Owen

Boys Race Yr.3/4 75m





Bangor Schools Cricket Competition

Two teams from the school recently competed in Cricket Competition for Bangor Area Schools.  The boys team won two games and lost two. The girls managed to win four games and went on to compete at the County Cricket Tournament on Tuesday 22nd June at Pwllheli.

End of term trips
The exciting time of year is fast approaching -  the end  of term  trips. This year the Infant Classes  are going  to Greenwood near Bethel. The Juniors are venturing a little further  to Gulliver’s World in Warrington. Some fun after a busy year of working, competing, performing.  Enjoy!

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Heather Russell  on the  birth of their  son – Cain Morgan, a little brother  for Saul Dafydd.
Also, congratulations to Cheryl & Steven Roberts on the birth of their littleson, Mati Wyn, a little brother for Mili.
Everyone in the school  sends their best wishes.

Congratulations to Miss Stacey Davies on the birth of her son Hari Wyn. Everyone from the School extends their best wishes, especially her friends in the Reception and Nursery Class.

20 mph
Finally !! We are very happy with the news that the main road is to have 20 mph signs. We are busy creating signs and these will be displayed along the road.


potel ddwr


Thanks to the school council for encouraging the school children to drink water. A service was held and everyone had a chance to learn about the amount of sugar in the some drink. In fact we had quite a shock to find how much sugar was in some beverages. There is now an opportunity for the children to buy water bottle with the school logo on it.




Benyounes String Quartet came to hold a workshop with some children from Y Garnedd. We had the experience to be treasured. Thank you for coming over there to the Garnedd.

Frogs in the Garnedd



Wet news from Y Garnedd! The pool has been set up and is full of tadpoles. The children love going to the pool to marvel at nature. Thanks to Miss Jenny for her guidance.






Mr Arwyn Oliver came to the school recently to give a talk about Nepal. There was a great deal of interesting information and everyone enjoyed the presentation. This led to the School Council deciding it would be good to hold a non-uniform day for a donation of £1.00 per family to raise money to help families of Nepal after the recent earthquakes. The school raised £285.17 towards the cause. Thanks to everyone for supporting.


Years 3 and 4 from the school went to The Lowry Centre, Manchester on Wednesday, 13 May 2015. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we loved seeing the pictures. We also enjoyed listening to Jack and his friends teaching us about LS Lowry. Soon it was time for lunch. We also had an opportunity to watch a film about L S Lowry and many children like the film. The bus journey took about 1 ½ to two hours. We had a lot fun on the bus singing songs such as Uptown Funk or Yellow Bird! And at the end of the day we went to the shop which was full of pencils, sweets, Notepad and such like. On the way back everyone was tired but everyone had a lot tales to tell when they arrived home. It was great day !!!!
By Cian Yr4

Book Quiz
Congratulations to four year 6 pupils (Matthew Jones, David Jones, Gwen Roberts with Ela Vaughan Roberts) for representing the school recently in the Book Quiz competition. Four of them had to read and discuss two Welsh books - Cyfrinach Ifan Hopcyn’ a ‘Myfi Morris Y Faciwi’', and were highly praised by the judges for discussing the books intelligently, accurately and maturely. Well done.

During April, Miss Rhian (Year 1 & 2) gave birth to a little girl, Isla June, a new baby sister for Leo. Congratulations to Mrs Rhian and Adrian Richardson and we wish them well as a family.

Stars of the Zip wire

On Thursday, April 2nd, Seren Owen and Cerys Goggin (year 6) went to Zip World Bethesda to take the challenge of the speedy wire.  Seren and Cerys had decided to undertake the challenge to raise money for Team Irfon charity and to raise funds for the Schools sports section. Thanks to family and friends for support. The girls collected over £500! Excellent!






Vaynol Park

Before the Easter break we went for a walk again to the Park to look for signs of spring. We saw lambs in the field and buds on the trees and a sea of ​​daffodils. And true to you, the real Easter bunny has left a small chocolate egg for us. There were a few who had seen his tail disappearing through the hedge!




Girls Football Team A

Girls Football Team B

Boys Football Team A

Boys Football Team B

Girls football

On Monday evening, April 20, Year 5 & 6 Girls football team went to Porthmadog to compete in 7 a side football tournament with the Urdd for primary schools in Eryri. The team played well in Porthmadog, coming first in their group and secured a place in the semis. Unfortunately they lost 1-0 in this round.  Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed a good night of football!

Before the football tournament in Porthmadog, the girls’ football team from Ysgol  Felinheli came to our school to play a series of friendly matches against team A and team B. We all enjoyed a good afternoon of football and thanks to Ysgol Felinheli for coming along. Hopefully we'll have a chance to play again soon.

Boy’s football
On Tuesday, April 28th, Year 5 & 6 boys football  team went to Porthmadog to compete in 7 a side  football tournament with the Urdd  for primary schools in Eryri.  The same as the girls  team the boys played well, coming first in their group and secured a place in the semis. Unfortunately they  also lost 1-0 in this round. Well done boys..
Before the football tournament in Porthmadog, the boys  football team from Ysgol  Nant y coed, Llandudno Junction came to our school to play a series of friendly matches against team A and team B. We all enjoyed a good afternoon of football and thanks to Ysgol Nant y Coed for coming along. Hopefully we'll have a chance to play again soon.

Year 5 and 6 Visits to Wylfa
During April, year 5 and 6 visited the Centre for Education at Wylfa Power Station. During the visit we learned about electricity and electrical circuits. Everyone also had the opportunity to make various electrical circuits. The staff showed us how electricity is generated and how electricity travels. We all enjoyed the visits and  hopefully we can go on a visit to the Wylfa again soon.
Isabelle and Leah

Mr Lance Williams of the Fire Service came to discuss safety with children. He talked about the need to call 999 if there is a fire in the house and that the Fire Service helps if there is a car accident or boat accident at sea. He gave the children homework to learn their postcode and ask mum and dad to check if the fire alarm is working in the house. We all had fun learning.

Cross Country
On Thursday, April 23, a group of children went to Vaynol Park to compete in the Urdd’s cross country race for primary schools in Eryri, Conwy and Anglesey. Fortunately the sun appeared - 'it was a bit too hot to run - but we couldn’t complain! Nearly a hundred children participated in each race.   The first race of the evening was Year 3 Girls race, which began at 5.00, and then it was the turn of the Boys from Year 3, followed by year 4, 5 and 6.  Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Matilda and Gwen.


Eisteddfod yr Urdd

Congratulations to the school children who were successful in the recent Eisteddfod yr Urdd at Dyffryn Ogwen School

The results were:

Solo Yr 2 and Younger - Fflur Edwards, 1st
Solo Yr 5 & 6 - Ela Roberts, 1st
Duet Yr 6 and Younger - Ela Roberts a Non Fon, 1st
Choir Yr 6 and Younger - Côr y Garnedd, 1st
Two Voice Party , Yr 6 and Younger - Parti’r Garnedd, 3rd
Vocal ensemble Yr 6 and Younger - Parti’r Garnedd, 1st
Presenting Folk Song Yr 6 and Younger - Fflur Edwards, 3rd
Piano Solo, Yr 6 and Younger - Lisa Morgan, 1st
Brass Solo Yr 6 and Younger - Lisa Morgan, 1st
Cerdd Dant Solo , Yr 2 and Younger - Morgan Tecwyn Williams, 2nd
Folk Dancing Yr 4 and Younger - Dawnswyr Gwerin y Garnedd, 2nd
Disco dancing Group, Yr 6 and Younger - Dawnswyr y Garnedd, 1st
Solo Recital Yr 5 and 6 - Non Fon Davies, 2nd
Action Song– 1st
Creative work 2D Yr 5 and 6 - Alys McCann – 1st
Creative work 2D Yr 6 and Younger (SEN) - Grŵp Billy – 1st
Colour Print Yr 3 a 4 - Lisa Morgan – 1st
Series of colour prints Yr 3 a 4 - Lisa Morgan - 2nd

County Eisteddfod

Following this success, the following were successful at the County Eisteddfod.

Solo Yr 5 & 6 - Ela Roberts, 2nd
Duet Yr 6 and Younger - Ela Roberts a Non Fon, 1st
Choir Yr 6 and Younger - Côr y Garnedd, 3rd
Vocal ensemble Yr 6 and Younger - Parti’r Garnedd, 1st
Piano Solo, Yr 6 and Younger - Lisa Morgan, 3rd
Brass Solo Yr 6 and Younger - Lisa Morgan, 2nd
Folk Dancing Yr 4 and Younger - Dawnswyr Gwerin y Garnedd, 3rd
Solo Recital Yr 5 and 6 - Non Fon Davies, 1st
Action Song– 1st
Creative work 2D Yr 6 and Younger (SEN) - Grŵp Billy – 1st
Colour Print Yr 3 a 4 - Lisa Morgan – 1st
Series of colour prints Yr 3 a 4 - Lisa Morgan - 1st

Good luck to all the winner at the National Eisteddfod in May and many thanks to the teachers for their dedication and hard work

Disco Dancing
Folk Dancing
Action Song


Parents and Teachers Association

On Sunday, 8th March, the PTA were busy packing bags at Morrison’s, and collected over £440. Many thanks to everyone involved during the day and who supported the cause.

Year 6 Trip to Cardiff gan Madlen a Mia Jones

On the 4th March we went to Cardiff. It took five and a half hours to get there and we stayed at the Urdd’s Centre in Cardiff. Firstly we visited the ‘Big Pit’ outside Cardiff where we saw a lot of Welsh coal. We had to wear hard hats with torches on them as it was very dark underground. We learnt a lot about Big Pit i.e. the horses stayed underground and children used to work there from a very young age

We then travelled to the Urdd’s Centre to unpack. In the bedrooms there were three bunk beds and shelves to keep our clothes as well as en-suites . In the restaurant there were many tables and a place to have a drink of water or juice. There was also a vending machine and a pool table. After supper on the first night we went 10 pin bowling.

On the second day we went to the National Assembly. We had a discussion about lowering the age limit to buy energy drinks. We voted to get everybody’s opinion about stopping advertising on children's television programs on energy drinks. Most children voted in favor stop advertising. After going to the Assembly we went back to the Urdd. We had packed lunches to take with us and eat on the bus on the way to St Fagans. At St Fagans we learned and saw very entertaining things. We went into the pre-fab house to learn about them. On arrival back at the Urdd Centre we had a chance to watch Sbongebob Squarepants DVD ' before going to sleep. On our last day we went to Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. We saw the teams changing rooms, and also had the opportunity to sit in the seats of important people.

san ffagan
Sain Ffagan
Stadiwm y Mileniwm

Pc Pritchard

pc pritchard

PC Dylan Pritchard came to our class to talk about rules and what is right and what is wrong. PC Pritchard said that rules keep us safe and teach us to be good children. He explained through a fun game and pictures what is right and wrong. We had to give a thumb up or thumb down if we agreed or not. I have learnt a lot from PC Pritchard
Seren Mathias-Mitchell
Year 2



Ein trip i Tesco (English Translation Not Available)

Ar Chwefror y 23ain cawsom fynd ar ymweliad i Tesco ym Mangor.

Bu i ni gael llawer o brofiadau da yma. Yn gyntaf cawsom gyfle i siapio bara ein hunain. Yna aethom i’r oergell ac ysgrifennu ar bapur faint o nwyddau sy’n cael eu cadw yn yr oergell.

A’r ôl hynny cawsom gyfle i flasu’r rhai o ffrwythau anghyffredin e.e. Sharon fruit, lime a ‘coconut.’
A’r ôl blasu’r ffrwythau cawsom gyfle i flasu gwahanol fathau o gaws fel ‘Smoked Chedder’, Caws Coch ,Caws Cyffredin, Caws Edau a chaws gyda nionod a phersli - roeddynt yn fendigedig. Yna ar ôl cael blasu’r bwydydd bu i ni ddychwelyd yn ôl i’r ysgol.
Bu i bawb fwynhau pob dim!!!

Swyn Griffith, Madlen Jones, Elin Mair ac Elin Wyn .
Bl3 a Bl4.

Mr Lolipop
Mr Arwel, our lollipop man along to the Reception class to talk about road safety. He highlighted the importance of listening, looking and holding and adult’s hand whilst crossing the road.

Thanks for coming to see us in the the Reception class, we are all careful crossing the road from now on.

Thanks to the students who came to the foundation phase classes. The children had a wealth of new experiences. We wish you well for the future Miss Davies (Year 1 and 2) and Miss Williams (Reception).

International Week
We had a week to remember!
Reception class learnt about Russia, Year 1 and 2 about China, Year 3 and 4 about Mexico and Year 5 and 6 learnt.
Each class learnt about the culture of these countries. We had the opportunity to experience some of the foods, to dance and learn a little about the language countries.
Thanks to the school council for organizing an interesting week for us children.


The Reception class children danced Calinc and ballet all week. We said Sbasibia instead of saying thank you. We cooked Borscht and everyone had a chance to try some. We looked at the work of the artist Kandinsky and we all had a chance to copy his colorful work.





Pupils in Yr. 1 and 2 were learning about China. Hen Huwcyn wanted to learn about the country of his cousin the Panda. Mrs Jean Marshall, Nain Loti, Will and Gruff came to speak to us and show pictures of her trip to China. Everybody learnt a lot of new information.   We organised for all the children go to Fu's to test and taste Chinese food. We all had fun trying to eat with chopsticks.










Yr. 3 and 4 had a Mexican party. It was international week and everyone was having fun hitting the piñata and tasting different foods. Nobody was in school uniform, but dressed as Mexicans wearing Ponchos, sombrero and some mustaches. We learnt a lot about the Aztecs and the war between Spain and the Aztecs. After seeing the Aztecs patterns we had the chance to make patterns using colored pencils and they were very good.  We learned a little Spanish in Mr Efans class. Everyone was tasting foods from Mexico. There were Doritos, chilli and lots of tasty things.





Year 5 and 6 learnt about India and on Tuesday we had to name the provinces of India. In this task we had a map of India and with the map we identify the states in our books theme. After the task we learnt about the birth of Ganesh, the famous Hindu God. Then we had the opportunity to draw pictures of Ganesh and learnt the importance of different parts of the picture. To make the day special we had Indian food cooked by the kitchen staff. The lunch was delicious and everyone enjoyed, all the pupils and staff of the school are very grateful to the entire kitchen. To celebrate the last day pupils in Years 5 and 6 wore traditional costumes of India. We all had lots of fun celebrating International Week




Six of our pupils (Tom Owen, Sion Ifan, Loti Marshall, Alys Banham, Tesni Owen and Eluned Owen) competed in gymnastics competition for Urdd Rhanbarth Eryri. Well done to the children for representing the school to a very high standard.

Loti Marshall and Sion Ifan were successful and have gone through to the final round. Congratulations to both for doing so well.









St David’s Day

St David’s Day St David’s Day

As part of the schools St David’s Day celebrations, the cookery Club arranged a special lunch for the staff. There was leek soup, bread and Welsh cheese and Welsh cakes to finish. There was excellent support for the lunch, and a total of £75 was donated to Christian Aid. Here are the recipies:


Welsh Cakes - click here
Leek and Potato Soup - click here


Urdd National Swimming Gala

The school swimming team competed in the Urdd National Swimming Gala recently and was very successful.
Reaching the finals in the National sport in itself but a number of swimmers from Y Garnedd came out on top. Below are members of the swimming team:

Year 3/4 Boys - Twm Owen, Osian Glyn Williams, Ifan Sion, Rhys Jones,
Girls  - Jessica Parry, Lisa Morgan, Seren Gross, Madlen Jones

Year 5/6: Boys - Owen Roberts, Osian Barnes, Ben Davies, Deio Williams
Girls  - Efa Williams, Cerys Goggin, Manon Jones, Seren Owen

They have all done extremely well and they are shown in full on the Urdd’s website.

The following swimmers came 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Girls  Yr 3 / 4 - Freestyle
1st Jessica Parry
Girls Yr3 / 4 - Backstroke
1st Jessica Parry
Girls  Yr 3 / 4 -  Breaststroke
2nd Lisa Morgan
Girls Yr 3 / 4 – Butterfly
1st Lisa Morgan
Boys Y 3 / 4 – Backstroke
1st Twm Owen
Boys Yr3 / 4 - Butterfly
1st Twm Owen

Relay races
1st -  Boys  Year 3/4 - Freestyle (Twm Owen, Osian Glyn Williams, Ifan Sion, Rhys Jones)
1st – Girls Year 3/4 - Freestyle (Jessica Parry, Lisa Morgan, Seren Gross, Madlen Jones)
1st  Girls  Year 3/4 - Mixed (Jessica Parry, Lisa Morgan, Seren Gross, Madlen Jones)
Congratulations to all and thank you very much to everyone who helped train and transport the pupils to Cardiff.




Romance is in the Garnedd
St Dwynwen's day was celebrated on Friday, January 23. Thanks to the School Council for organizing everyone to wear pink or red. We blew kisses to everyone all day and we had a disco during the afternoon. May we also congratulate Mr Griffith who was engaged to Gwenan on St Dwynwen's day.

Children in the  Reception classes went  for a walk to  Brewery Fields to look for Jack Frost. He was not there that day there but there was plenty of mud! We had a chance to look for birds and name them. Sadly we saw a lot of rubbish. We shouted "Put your rubbish in the bin"!

Visit by the police.
P.C. Dylan Pritchard came to the school to discuss security with Year 1 and 2. The children learnt where medicine should be kept and who should be administering the medication. We discussed the safety mobile phones, tablet bottles, washing powder and Domestos. The pupils learnt  about very important things.

On Thursday, January 22 pupils from Yrs. 3 – 6 saw a new show from  Fran Wen Theatre Company in the school hall. The name of the show was 'Shabwm'.
It is a story about a family that argues a lot.  By the end of the performance the family was happy again and they were best friends.
I'm sure everybody enjoyed the interesting show.
Madlen Jones, Osian Thomas and Carys Clement Evans (3 and 4)

Visit  to Wylfa - Year 5 and 6
Our school trip to the Wylfa was exciting and fun. When we arrived the center staff was there to welcome us to the Wylfa. We were given plain white stickers and pencils and  Tracey (one of the staff) asked us to write our names on them.
We were then given some plain paper and were asked to draw a simple picture of a house.   Tracey then asked us for a second photo of the house  but what we did not know was that it was copied in the dark this time! That was very funny. After that Tracey spoke to us about the  effect of light on our  eyes.
Then the staff spoke to us about the different light sources before helping us to put pictures of different light sources into groups; natural, man-made and reflection.
We learned then about how light travel, and in a fun way with a torch and a mirror, and after lunch we learned of the rainbow's light and shadows as well.

Leah Hughes and Mia Jones

Christmas shows

Christmas shows Christmas shows

Every chair sold out this year. No more room at the Garnedd Inn!
We succeeded to fill the hall 6 times – 900 tickets.
The Junior Show was Dawel Nos (Silent Night) and the Reception Class was Sioe yr Anifeiliaid.
Thanks to everyone for working so hard to make the shows a success.


Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch

Anti Heulwen and her team managed to feed 251 pupils and 38 staff. We had a feast to remember. We are so lucky to have suck good staff in the Garnedd kitchen.

It is time to say goodbye to Miss Heledd. Miss Heledd has been a Classroom Assistant in the Garnedd for over 20 years! The cChildren Bodedern School are winners! She will be missed by everyone. Miss Heledd we will remember you forever!
Congratulations to Mrs Delyth Roberts who will take her place her place in the Recption Classes . We look forward to her company in the school.
We also said goodbye to Mr Llewelyn, who has worked in the school for the Autumn Term. Mr Llywelyn has made sure that we will all be mathematicians. Thank you and hurry back to see us.




Pantomime - Patagonia by Ela Vaughan and Matthew Jones (year 6)
Pantomime "Patagonia"

On Tuesday, December 16th, the School went to see a Pantomime at Neuadd Ogwen. The Pantomime was "Patagonia". The show, which was a very good one, is about the journey from Wales to Patagonia in 1865. There were many different things going on in the pantomime including; jokes, lions, and even the king of gold! Our favorite part of the show was when the puma become a real man. The actors were very good and the set was excellent. There was a live band playing music throughout performance. We are singing and dancing with actors. In short, here is what happened. There are five people on the ship Mimosa. The captain was Captain Michael D. Lewis and others from Wales want to travel to Patagonia to discover a new country to create a Welsh settlement that would protect the Welsh language and culture. But on the way, one of the sailors are dying from lack of food and thirst. But worse, the Golden King turned his imprisonment wife, Aurora in gold, and turns it into evil. The sailors tried to save her, and in the end they succeeded, and the Captain Michael. D. Lewis and Aurora marry. I would give th pantomime 9 out of 10.

Green Group

Here are some of the pupils who were successful in making posters to display throughout the school, to remind us of our Green initiatives.




Malcolm Allen

When we heard that Malcolm Allen was coming to the school, we were all very excited.  First of all he told us about his lucky orange ball, and how he would always score a goal with it.  He told us about growing up in Deiniolen and for his love of the Welsh Language. We all laughed when he told us about the time he moved to England and couldn’t understand a word of English.  He enjoyed playing football, but received a bad injury during one game, which ended his football career.  We all went out to the school yard to play football with him, and try to score a goal, which a few did.




Mike Peters

Mike Peters, from the group the Alarm, came to the school to raise awareness of the charity ‘Awyr Las’.  He explained that his intention was to raise as much money as possible for people  suffering from cancer. 
The children had an opportunity to sing along with him,  responded well to his songs – not to mention some of the teachers!
Mike intends to walk from Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor to Ysbyty Maelor in Wrexham in a day.  He invited a group of pupils to Ysbyty Gwynedd to sing with him.






Shwmae Sumae

We had so much fun putting Shwmae Sumae on the school calendar.
We had an experience to remember – Flashmob.
The Junior classes danced on the school yard to the song ‘Sosban Fach’ under the supervision of Mrs Cheryl Roberts.  Thank you to Mr Carl Evans for recording the event (from the school’s rooftop).
We even had some of the film shown on the programme ‘Heno’
A Day to remember

Self Defence Classes  by Owain Edwards a Llio Mutembo
Everyone was excited when we heard that Sensei Brent Burman was coming to the school to give Year 3 & 4 pupils lessons in Self Defence.  We learned how to look stronger by putting our shoulders back and make eye contact. At the start of the lesson we were shown  how to get across ladders false, next  he showed us how  jump and step over different objects. He finished the lesson by seeing if we were quick enough to avoid his hand before we get a slap,  but not too hard! We are very grateful to him for coming to the school and we would all like  to see him come again.

Clwb Coginio

At the of September Mrs Owen and Mrs Gash started the Cookery Club for Year 5 pupils.  Everybody has learnt new skills, including rubbing in, mixing and peeling. So far we have cooked Cous Cous with Roasted Vegetables, Apple and Blackberry Crumble, Cheese Scones and Chocolate Biscuits.   






On 22nd October, all the pupils from the school walked to  Capel Newydd Berea for our Thanksgiving Service.

Each class were given a song to sing, and everybody sang beautifully.  Mr Williams gave us an interesting talk about Fair Trade. 











Duck Race - Parents and Teachers Association

duck race

On Saturday morning, September 20th a group of children and parents came to Abergwyngregyn in their wellies for the PTA Duck race. Mr. Williams put the 346 ducks in the water and the race began!

The first three victorious ducks were 1st -  Mrs Mary Roberts, 2ns - Paul J Coetsworth and 3rd  Jo Hewitt.


Bangor Theme Report - Nel Cooke Year 5

On a nice Monday morning September Year 5 and 6 went on a trip to Bangor. Our theme this term is Bangor and so we went on the bus to visit the Library, The Cathedral and the Museum.

I am in Miss Rigby’s class and we were the first group to go to a library. In the Library we had a talk by the librarian and an opportunity to ask questions about the library. Then Miss Rigby told us to choose a book and we had our time reading in the library. I chose a book about Fflopi'r Ci.

After finishing in the library we walked to the Cathedral. We had a chance to look at the outside of the building. It was very beautiful. Then everyone went into the church and the vicar came to talk to us about the history of the church. We sit in the choir stalls and Cêt and Osian had a chance to try the vicar and Bishop of Bangor uniforms.  We then went to see the font, lectern and altar. We have been making rubbings of the beautiful tiles on the wall with crayons for our class.

 After lunch here we went to the Museum. My group went to see the old artifacts and had to wear purple gloves to handle them because they are very old. I liked the large stone.

Up the stairs of the Museum there was interesting antique furniture and pictures. I liked the Victorian room and the old wooden chair to sit in the garden.
After finishing at the museum it was time to go back to school on the bus. Everyone enjoyed the trip to Bangor and have learned a great deal about the city.

Childline Workshop Report by Huw Owen and David Jones Bl.6

This week Fiona from Childline came to Year 5 and 6 to talk about keeping happy and safe in and outside school.  She began by giving an interactive presentation about how Childline helps children who are bullied or abused in any way. At the end of the presentation everyone had fun activities leaflet games with her. On the 19th September Fiona came again with a different presentation. This time we had to work in a group to say if the sentence on the screen to do something right or not right to do, then  Fiona shared   sheets with "chatter box" and questions about who we trust and what's makes us happy. We all enjoyed the sessions and Fiona has increased our awareness of the importance of Childline.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

bore goffi macmillan

By 2.15 pm on Thursday, September 25th  the Hall tables were  laden lovely cakes and cups were ready. A good number came through the door between then and 4.00pm and all contributed generously. It was nice to see parents and grandparents have leisure time to chat before collecting their children, and the children then choose their favourite cake. Between Thursday – and Friday in the staff room - we were able to raise £180 towards Macmillan. Many thanks to everyone who supported in any way.

Eisteddfod Gadeiriol (English Translation Not Available)

Cynhaliwyd Eisteddfod Gadeiriol y Garnedd yn ystod yr wythnos olaf cyn yr haf.
Yn flynyddol mae cystadleuaeth y gadair yn agored i blant blwyddyn chwech.
Eleni, y  testun oedd ‘sgwennu stori am yr ieir sydd ar dir yr ysgol.

Yr Archdderwydd oedd y Parch Huw John Hughes a’r beirniad eleni oedd Mr Llion Williams (y pennaeth newydd).
Enillydd y gadair oedd Cian Jones efo Morgan Owen yn ail agos, Lewis Roberts yn drydydd a Siriol Hughes yn bedwerydd.
Canmolwyd y pedwar yn fawr iawn am safon eu  gwaith a’u dychymyg byw.

eisteddfod chair
eisteddfod y garnedd


Cricket (English Translation Not Available)

cricket boys Ar ddydd Llun, Mehefin 23ain, aeth tîm criced bechgyn blynyddoedd 5 a 6 a thîm criced merched blynyddoedd 5 a 6 i chwarae yn nhwrnament criced ysgolion cynradd Bangor, a gynhaliwyd ar gae criced Bangor. Chwaraeodd y ddau dîm yn dda a daeth y bechgyn yn ail yn y twrnament a thîm y merched yn gyntaf. Yn dilyn eu llwyddiant yn nhwrnament Bangor aeth tîm y merched draw i Bwllheli ar y dydd Mawrth dilynol (Mehefin 24ain) i chwarae yn nhwrnament ysgolion cynradd sir Gwynedd.
cricket girls Chwaraeodd y merched yn arbennig o dda ym Mhwllheli gan ennill y gystadleuaeth i’r timau merched. Yn Llaneurgain (Northop) oedd y rownd nesaf yn cael ei chynnal (i ysgolion cynradd Gogledd a Chanolbarth Cymru) a hynny ar ddydd Iau, Gorffennaf 3ydd. Chwaraeodd y merched yn dda iawn unwaith eto yn Llaneurgain (yn enwedig ar ôl cinio!) a gorffenodd y tîm yn y trydydd safle wedi gemau da ac agos yn erbyn ysgolion cynradd o ardaloedd Wrecsam, Yr Wyddgrug, Y Drenewydd ac Ewloe. Da iawn genod!

Sports Day (English Translation Not Available)

mabolgampau Aeth criw da o blant o’r adran Iau lawr i Dreborth ar ddydd Mercher y 25ain o Fehefin i gystadlu ym mabolgampau ysgolion cynradd Bangor/Ogwen. Wedi bore da o gystadlu dychwelodd y darian i’r Garnedd unwaith eto eleni!  Da iawn wir!




Mr Urdd has some new friends! Here is the team that competed in the Urdd's rugby tournament in Aberystwyth. They played brilliantly and reached the semi- finals - the only team from North and Mid Wales to do so! Is there another George North amongst them??

The Urdd’s Crosscountry Races at Aberystwyth. 


Year 3 and 4

Matilda, Gwawr and Freya came first in the team race for year 4 girls.



Year 5 and 6

Aled, Cian and Cai came second in the team race for year 6.  Cai also came third in the individual race.


Mr.Owen took part in the ETAPE bike challenge!


Mr Arwel Owen, the school caretaker at Ysgol Y Garnedd, Bangor, took part in the ETAPE Eryri bike challenge last Sunday, June 15th. Mr Arwel took part in the 103 mile race and collected money towards the school. Congratulations and many thanks by all at Ysgol Y Garnedd!!


Eryri Rugby Squad
4 bachgen



Congratulations to James, Efan, Cian and Llyr who have been chosen as members of the Eryri school’s squad. As you can see from the photo Rugby players can also dress smartly!





Urdd Eisteddfod
Both the Area and County Eisteddfod are behind us! We are now thinking of Bala at the end of May. Best of luck to Marteg Dafydd who will be competing in the solo harp and piano categories. The choir, recitation group and the dramatical presentation will also compete. The folk dancing group were awarded third in the county Eisteddfod.

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved with the organising – instructors, teachers and parents. We will hold a concert at the school before the Eisteddfod.

Swimming Gala
4 bachgen



Once again, the trophy for the highest score returned to Ysgol y Garnedd. The children had a fantastic time in the Gala for schools in the Bangor/Ogwen area.





Urdd’s Swimming Gala
tim y gala nofio

Many congratulations to everyone who represented the school in the Urdd’s National Swimming Gala in Cardiff at the end of January.

Here are the main results-

Individual races:
Marteg Dafydd – Yr 5 & 6 Girls Freestyle: 2nd, Backstroke: 2nd Llion Myers – Yr 5 & 6 Boys Medley: 3rd
Lisa Morgan – Yr 3 & 4 Girls Breaststroke: 2nd Twm Owen – Yr 3 & 4 Boys Backstroke: 5th



Relay Races:
Yr 5 & 6 Girls: Freestyle (Efa Williams, Cerys Jones, Siwan Jones, Marteg Dafydd): 3rd
Yr 5 & 6 Boys: Freestyle (Osian Barnes, Llion Myers, Aled Oddy, Morgan Owen): 1st Yr 5 & 6 Girls: Medley (Cerys Jones, Efa Williams, Marteg Dafydd, Siwan Jones): 3rd
Yr 5 & 6 Boys: Medley (Osian Barnes, Llion Myers, Cai La Trobe Roberts, Aled Oddy): 4th
Yr 3 & 4 Girls: Medley (Jessica Parry, Lisa Morgan, Freya Evans, Matilda Boyle): 2nd
Yr 3 & 4 Boys: Freestyle (Rhys Meurig Jones, Ben Davies, Josh Pritchard, Twm Owen): 5th

Cookery Club
On Tuesdays after school we have been very busy baking lots of different foods over the past few weeks. We made Melting Moments biscuits during the first week and learnt how to add half an egg rather than a whole one. One thing I knew already about making biscuits was – not to waste anything. During the second week we made Chocolate Biscuits, we all enjoyed these. We are all looking forward to next week’s recipe.

Urdd’s Gymnastic Competition


Congratulations to year 3 and 4 children who competed recently in the Urdd Gymnastic Competition in Caernarfon , Thanks also to Gwyn Owen for teaching them.





Santes Dwynwen
We celebrated Santes Dwynwen by wearing red. Everyone learnt about the Santes Dwynwen legend and had a chance to dance in the disco. Once again, it was a day to remember.

Under 5’s
The Reception Class went for a walk around Brewery Fields last week. Thankfully we were all in our wellies. We saw many different birds but not one Robin, we will have to visit again soon !

Yr 1 and 2
In Years 1 and 2 we have been learning about owls recently. We were visited by volunteers from the North Wales Owl Trust who brought 3 real owls with them to show us. It was the white owl’s first school visit. We all enjoyed learning many new interesting facts.


Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Ysgol y Garnedd 2013

We had a day to remember again this year at the School’s Eisteddfod. Lois William’s story was fantastic and she was awarded first prize. Owain Jones came second and Medi Morgan third. Congratulations to all three of them!

Thanks to Mr Ken Hughes for judging the competition and to Dr Huw John Hughes for leading the Ceremony.

llun plant
llun plant
llun plant

CHILDRENOn Monday, April 22 at 8am year 6 pupils set off for Cardiff. Everyone was very excited!

After a long journey the bus arrived at the Big Pit, Blaenafon. The staff there were very friendly and told lots of jokes! Following our journey underground we returned to the bus and set off for the Millenium Centre, Cardiff. We unpacked our bags and set off for the Drangon Centre where we all had a go at 10 pin bowling. We spent Tuesday at Sain Ffagan and visited the Millenium Stadium before returning to the Centre for tea. We all enjoyed watching ‘The Croods’ at the cinema.

On our final day we took a boat trip around the bay. Our visit to the Welsh Assembly was very interesting. Thank you to the teachers for organising the trip!

By Ela and Lois


Sports News

Ysgol y Garnedd 7 a side football team
y tim


The boys have been very successful this year and have won the Urdd’s 7 a side competition at Porthmadog. They are now through to the final round in Swansea on May 11th. The team have also had a chance to play against the Bangor Academy, thank you to Mel Jones, the Academy’s Manager for the opportunity.





Girl’s Football Teams - Years 5 & 6

tim A tim B

Both football teams would like to thank the Girl’s team at Ysgol Felinheli for the four friendly games we played recently.

We hope to have a chance to play again soon.

Team A
Team B

Team A recently took part in the Urdd’s 7 a side tournament at Porthmadog. The girls played well and won the opening game 2- 0 (Mia and Mali scored)! the following 2 games were equal 0-0. Thanks to Sion, Mali and Nanw’s father, for helping with the transport.

Crosscountry Races
3 plentyn


Over 40 children from Garnedd took part in the Urdd’s Crosscountry races recently at the Faenol Estate. Year 3 and 4 pupils ran 1000m and year 5 and 6 ran 1500m. Everyone received a medal. Cai La Trobe came first in the race for year 5 boys, Cian came thir. Matilda came third in the race for year 3 girls.



tim rygbi


On Wednesday, April 24th nine members of the School’s Rugby team went to Caernarfon to compete in the Urdd’s rugby tournament. Aled Oddy, Cai La Trobe, Cian Jones, Efan Mutembo, Gwion Sion, Llyr Wyn Coyle, Owain Feaver, Sam Byrne Jones and James Owen won three out of five games.

By Cai La Trobe and Aled Oddy




Ymweliad dosbarth Derbyn a Pharc y Faenol (translation coming soon)
Mor braf oedd cael mynd yn ôl i Barc y Faenol i chwilio am arwyddion o’r Gwanwyn. Gwelsom gennin Pedr a blagur ar y coed, ac roedd yr haul yn dod i’r golwg bob hyn a hyn.

Ar ôl gwneud ein gweithgareddau roedd hi’n amser cinio, a phawb yn bwyta llond ei fol. Digwyddodd rhywbeth rhyfedd iawn ar ôl cinio. Gwelodd Mrs Dwyfor gynffon a chlustiau yn diflannu lawr at y Fenai - roedd Cwningen y Pasg wedi bod! Cafwyd helfa wedyn i ddod o hyd i’r wyau ac yna buom yn eu sglaffio!

Gan Lois a Tilly


Wylfa – Gweithdy Grymoedd (translation coming soon)

Rhwng dydd Llun 11eg o Fawrth a dydd Mercher 14eg o Fawrth 2013, aeth dosbarthiadau Blwyddyn 3 a 4 Ysgol y Garnedd i Ganolfan Wylfa i wneud gwaith ar rymoedd. Cawsom lawer o hwyl yn gwneud gwahanol weithgareddau. Un o’r gweithgareddau oedd adeiladu pont a dysgu am densiwn y bont. Dysgom mai Thomas Telford oedd adeiladwr pont Borth. Buom hefyd yn mesur ffrithiant ein esgidiau gan ddefnyddio mesurydd Newton. Yn ogystal a hynny, dysgom fod gan fagnedau begwn y De a’r Gogledd. Yn y weithgaredd parasiwt, gwelsom fod ein gwalltiau yn codi gyda’r parasiwt ac yn creu static.

Enwau’r bobl oedd yn ein dysgu yn y Ganolfan Wylfa oedd Tracy, Linda, Carol a Cheryl. Roedd y bedair ohonynt yn fonheddig a chlên iawn. Diolch yn fawr iawn iddyn nhw am ein dysgu ni.

Gan Catrin, Eluned ac Owen Thomas

Clwb Coginio’r Garnedd (translation coming soon)

clwb cinio

Ar yr 28ain o Chwefror fe aeth clwb coginio’r Garnedd ati i goginio pryd o gawl cennin, bara ffres a chaws Cymreig I staff yr ysgol. Roedd gan bawb ddyletswyddau fel plicio tatws, glanhau’r cennin a throelli’r cawl bob hyn a hyn. Gan fod gymaint o gawl roedd angen dwy sosban fawr! Mwynhaodd pawb wneud y cawl ac roedd y pryd yn llwyddiannus iawn, wrth i bob aelod o staff fynd allan o’n bwyty bach ni gyda gwen ar eu hwynebau.

Ar gyfer cystadleuaeth ‘Y Gacen Orau’ aethom ati i greu myffins banana a chnau pecan. Gwnaeth grŵp A (Coginio Cŵl) goginio myffins banana a chnau pecan. Coginiodd grŵp B (Cogwyr Cymreig) fyffins blas llys a lemon. Crëwyd myffins blas mafon a chwstard gan dîm C (Myffins Moethus). Er na chawson ni wobr, cawsom hwyl garw yn eu gwneud!

Gan Lois a Tilly


DVD Swap Day
children with dvds
On Friday , February the 8th the Green Group held a DVD swap day. The day was very successful and we raised over £250. The Green Group intend to use the money to create the ‘wild garden’ at Garnedd. Thanks to all that contributed and we hope you enjoy your new DVD.

By Lois and Mali Yr 6



Urdd’s National Swimming Gala

gala nofioOn Saturday, January 26, the Urdd’s National Swimming Gala was held in Cardiff. 18 pupils represented Ysgol y Garnedd at the Gala, they all did extremely well

Thank you to Jên Dafydd for taking care of them at the poolside, and for arranging the practice sessions beforehand.

Thank you also to all the parents for their usual support.

Here are the results:-
2 relay races for Yr 5 & 6 boys (freestyle & medley) Gruff Boyle, Mathew Maxwell Morris, Harri John Williams, Aled Oddy & Llion Myers - 2 firsts.

2 relay races for Yr 5 & 6 girls (freestyle & medley) Marteg Dafydd, Medi Morgan, Leah Williams & Lauren Williams – 2 firsts.

4 relay races and all 4 were won by Garnedd. Well done!!

Yr 3 & 4 girls came third in the medley relay and fourth in the freestyle relay – Efa Williams, Cerys Goggin, Seren Owen & Gwen Roberts

Yr 3 & 4 boys came second in the freestyle relay – Owen Roberts, Deio Evans Williams, Josh Pritchard & Osian Barnes. Wil La Trobe Roberts was a member of the medley relay team that came sixth.

Congratulations to all