Healthy School Scheme

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The 'Gwynedd Healthy Schools Scheme' is governed by a partnership between Gwynedd Council, the Local Health Board and the National Public Health Board.

This scheme allows schools to contribute positively towards the health and welfare of its pupils, staff and the wider community by developing an environment which in turn encourages health.

The Healthy Schools Scheme introduces health and welfare issues by way of:-
• National Curriculum
• Extra curricular and Ethos of the school
• Developing the partnership which exists between the school and home as well as various other agencies.

We are very proud as a School to inform you that we have received the "Healthy Schools Quality Award". We promote all the healthy aspects of the day to day life and work of the school.

The School’s Council and Green Group are responsible for many of these developments.

Healthy Lunch Box

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The School Council have been discussing lunch boxes with the pupils for a while. If you child has a lunch box we would be grateful if you could have a look at the ‘change for life’ pack. It is full of good and nourishing ideas - click here


Washing Hands


All the classes have been busy learning about cleanliness, thanks to the School Council. By now, everyone understands the importance of cleanliness, especially after being to the toilet.
Here is a poster reminding us in the school how to wash our hands - click here



Promoting fitness and well-being -  ‘Dal i fynd' Club
We try to run on the track once a day. This gives the children energy to continue with the work in the classroom. There is research to support the need to move the body and that this will help to focus in the classroom.

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is timetabled so that each class has the opportunity to be physically active and push boundaries on the equipment. This is one of the favourite places for the children at school.  Unfortunately we are not able to use it in all weathers.








Kind friend

Year 1 and 2 have the duty of care to ensure that problems are solved and that everyone here is happy.  They wear an apron so everyone knows who to go to for help.







We encourage the children to bring fruit to school. In the Foundation Phase they have a chance to eat the fruit during the café and the Juniors are allocated a specific time.

Drinking Water

We encourage the children to drink water during the day and we stress how important this is to their health. There is a water fountain in every class, and the Under 5 class has access to one.









This sheltered area outside. We have the opportunity to have circle time, cafe and class assemblies there. It is an ideal place to congregate out in the open.